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ยป News Archives - Imperfect Future

September 1st, 2006, 10:57 pm

Imperfect Future

Im worry about the future, I don`t know you know what is going in Mexico.
here its the link http://www.esmas.com/portada/563391.html

its scary something like happen today the history repeats itself some people are scare that something like a hostile takeover of the countryother people think its just a show no importance thing.
Maybe this is no the place to discuss this but in Mexico there is lot of poberty its not like spring break places that you see on tv.

By the way recently I made the pot story its a mild
version of reality, we are suffering as the city stains grow the land cannot absorb water and some parts of the city were build, they used to be swamps (filled by the people).

Im fine but I cant say the same of the other Veracruz citizens.


Habib (Guest), June 4th, 2012, 2:07 am

Thank you Alan for your thoughtful awsners. I gleaned much from them. Perhaps the message hasn't changed over the years because God's people haven't changed like He needs us to.For some reason, I have really been pondering and meditating on #2, the question of devotion. What am I devoted to? First time my brain read that question, the answer was a blank (isn't that sad?). But as I kept noodling through it, my answer centered on my marriage marriage being the one thing that God uses over and over and over to show us how our earthly relationships are like our relationship with Him. I am devoted to my husband. I cherish him. No one on earth loves me like he does. He has been my constant companion these 23 years past and hopefully the next 23 and the next 23, etc. He tells me hard things, things I don't want to hear, because of his love for me. He helps me be a better person. He has proven himself to be a trustworthy leader, one who has earned my utmost respect. We talk about all kinds of things, nothing is off limits, and we argue and disagree. Sometimes, he knows me better than I know myself. And, it goes without saying, he would willingly give his life for mine. Because I am devoted to him, I try to please him. I do not want to disappoint him. I want to make him happy. I try to anticipate what his needs may be and respond accordingly. And in our culture that is so opposed to this, I even try to obey him he has earned my respect and trust so the things he asks me to do are not always that difficult, but some are. All this is how I am to be devoted to God all my heart, soul and mind. Try to live a life that pleases Him; to act in ways that point others to Him; to act in ways that show I am studying His word and am obeying His commands.Micah's dog is devoted to me. It is an unconditional devotion that never complains or whines or second-guesses me or scolds me when he's not fed on time. I am not like that in my relationship with my husband or my God. Yet, all three of them are very forgiving and loving. Devotion is a two-way street. For me, the object of my devotion must be worthy, perhaps because He does not treat me as I deserve. God certainly is that.And this dovetails into questions 1 and 6. If God is worthy of my devotion, isn't He then worthy of abandoning all for? Theoretically, yes. But yet, it is so hard for me to give up everything for Him. My fear gets in the way. My selfishness gets in the way. My happy little life in my happy little house gets in the way; and that I think is the point of the whole book. But I know that whatever God calls me to, even if I wrestle with Him like Jacob did, He will equip and strengthen me to do that. And that also means that I have to stay in my swim lane, I can't try to do the things He has NOT called me to do. I have a friend who's daughter is a midwife in Afghanistan. God has not called me to that, yet He has called me to support her through prayer, something we are all called to do.I suspect that if I/we do what I am/we are told to do (pray, read, study, live and memorize His word, forgive, love, be kind, be joyful, patient, etc.) then at some point the thing He may call me/us to do won't be quite so hard to actually do.Thank you Jon for starting this discussion forum!

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